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Workshop #1

The Power of Asking Why: Challenging the Status Quo

Megan Korns Russell - Executive Director, Neeley School of Business, TCU

Morgan Korns Russell

Workshop #3

Top UX Mistakes: Optimizing Websites Through Testing, Implementation, and Research

Taylor Precure, Manager, UX, and CRO and Jesse Homan, Senior Solutions Architect, Education Dynamics

EducationDynamics' 2022 Benchmarks Report revealed that students are visiting more pages and spending more time on websites before they start conversations. This workshop is designed specifically to provide valuable insight on the common UX mistakes when it comes to optimizing websites and how to combat them with testing strategies and research tactics that will increase website performance and help you achieve your digital goals quickly and effectively. Keeping the user at the center to build an experience that is most effective for them.

Workshop #5

Building a Robust Digital Plan for Limited Budgets

Cassandra Razzi and Wesley Rupar, Orange 142

In today's competitive higher ed landscape, having an effective digital marketing plan is essential for colleges and universities to stay competitive. However, creating an effective digital marketing strategy can be challenging, especially when working with a limited budget. In this presentation, we will explore the key components of building a robust digital marketing plan for colleges that are cost-effective and deliver measurable results.

We will discuss the importance of identifying and understanding the constantly changing and more inclusive target audience, selecting the right digital marketing channels, creating compelling content, measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns, and evaluating partners. We will also cover practical tips and strategies for optimizing your digital marketing efforts, such as leveraging user-generated content and adopting a data-driven approach.

Keynote: 12:45 - 2 pm

The Changing Role of the Chief Marketing Officer

Jason Simon - CEO, Simpson Scarborough 

Jesse Homan

Taylor Precure

Cassandra Razzi

Wesley Rupar

Jason Simon

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