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Our Commitment

The eduWeb Summit is committed to positively impacting the cities and communities where our event is held. Therefore, we have adopted an Event Management Policy to maintain and improve our sustainability objectives and encourage our suppliers and hotel/venue partners to incorporate these best practices.

Objectives Include:

Hotel/Venue Partners
  • A clause is included in the facility contract requiring the hotel/venue to comply with the agreed-upon sustainability practices.

  • Selecting a Hotel/Venue that has a sustainability policy and actively practices/promotes waste diversion, recycling, and hospitality-related energy-efficient practices.

  • Whenever feasible:

    • Recycling bins for glass, plastic, metal, and paper are available on all meetings and hotel room floors.

Event Location
  • All educational sessions require no additional ground transportation for attendance.

  • Whenever feasible:

    • The conference hotel is easily accessible to the closest major/metropolitan airport via public transportation.

    • Off-site conference activities and dining options are easily available via public transportation.

Food & Beverage
  • Minimizing food waste through source reduction, donation and/or composting via our hotel/venues.

  • Labeling food and menu items for food allergens.

  • Providing water stations versus bottled water.

  • Reducing the use of plastics.

  • Whenever feasible:

    • Sourcing through our hotel/venues, environmentally and socially preferable food, and beverages (e.g., products that are Certified Organic, Fair Trade Certified, Certified Humane or sourced from local community-based producers).

    • Condiments are served in bulk containers, except artificial sweeteners, in banquet functions.

    • Make vegan, vegetarian, halal and gluten-free options available (when properly notified).

Conference Marketing & Communications
  • All pre-conference communications are conducted electronically.

  • Attendee and exhibitor registration are entirely online, and confirmations are sent electronically.

  • All communications with attendees, speakers, exhibitors/sponsors, and hotel/venue are electronic.

  • Exhibitor and Sponsor procurement is completed using 100% electronic communications (no exhibitor/sponsors prospectus is mailed).

Meeting Management
  • The conference program is provided in digital format via the conference app and event website.

  • Attendee and Exhibitor badges are printed on paper and exclude a plastic sleeve.

  • Whenever feasible:

    • Conference signage is reused

    • Materials such as lanyards, meal cards, etc. are recycled, reused or donated and kept to a minimum.

    • Leftover and unused exhibitor items (such as tote bags, giveaways, etc.) are shipped back to the exhibitor or donated to a nonprofit organization.

  • To avoid paper waste, exhibitors are requested to print handouts on recycled paper with vegetable-based ink and bring a minimum amount to distribute.

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