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Tuesday, July 18 | Wednesday, July 19 | Thursday, July 20

Track Presentations & Roundtables - 8:30 - 9:30 am


Marketing, Branding & Communications:

Presentation canceled


Kweli Zukeri

Web & Digital Experience:

Making it Work: Developing a Successful Enterprise Web Strategy

Kweli Zukeri, Director of User Experience and Web Strategy; Howard University

Managing the public web presence and digital strategy for a large University with many moving parts requires a sound strategy that makes the biggest bang possible for your buck, especially when the size of your budget and other resources is less than ideal. In this context, success depends on establishing, maintaining, defending, and continuously refining a sustainable strategy that leverages centralized web resources and understands its priorities. In this presentation, Dr. Zukeri will discuss strategy from lessons learned during his experience building Howard University's web presence into an award-winning user experience.

Andrés Zapata

Enrollment Marketing:

Fine-tune Web Design to Boost Attentional, Usability, and Task Completion using Neurodesign

Andrés Zapata, Founder, idfive

This session will engage participants in how to measure the impact neurodesign has on capturing users’ attention. (Attendees do not need previous knowledge of neurodesign to participate in and benefit from the presentation).

Since the very beginning of the commercial web, we’ve been measuring website performance with several rulers or heuristics, and they are all important. The neurodesign measures we’ll share are a supplement, not a replacement, for these tools.


Leadership & Innovation:

Game Changers: How Hosting National Teams during the World Cup Propelled Qatar University to Global Prominence

Mrs. Shaikha Al-Emadi, Head of Marketing and Dr. Hitmi Al-Hitmi, Director of Communications and Public Relations, Qatar University

Our objective is to showcase the exceptional value of Qatar University's hosting experience with the Spain and Argentina national teams during the World Cup. By doing so, we aim to emphasize the significant potential that exists for other higher education institutions worldwide to gain from similar opportunities. Our intention is to inspire universities to adopt major sporting events as a powerful platform for enhancing their reputation, fostering academic collaborations, engaging students, and establishing a legacy that endures. Through our own experience, we have witnessed firsthand the transformative impact such initiatives can have on higher education institutions and the wider academic community.


Kris Hardy


Unlocking the Potential of GA4: Next Steps and Strategies

Kris Hardy - Director of Web and Digital Marketing, Messiah University

With the recent sunset of Universal Analytics on July 1, 2023, it's time to embrace the future with Google Analytics 4 (GA4). This session aims to provide valuable insights and practical strategies to help you make the most of your GA4 properties and take your analytics to new heights.During this session we will:

  • Take a look “under the hood” and examine how GA4 works.

  • Explore Enhanced Measurement Event in GA4.

  • Discuss strategies for building on the enhancement measurement framework to further improve event tracking on our websites and apps.

Whether you are new to GA4 or have already started exploring its capabilities, this session is designed to equip you with practical knowledge and actionable insights to unlock the full potential of GA4 and enhance the value of your analytics efforts.

AI keynote

Alex Ahlstrom

Tim Meyer

Keynote: 11 am-Noon

How AI Will Transform the Web & Digital Experience for Your Prospects

Alex Ahlstrom - Associate Director, Data Products and Tim Meyer - UX Designer; Simpson Scarborough

AI tools like chatGPT and bing chat are going to affect how prospective students conduct their college search. So, it’s time to start rethinking content and user journeys in order to future proof your web and digital experiences. In this session, we will share the findings of user testing that evaluates the common goals of visitors to your website, and compare how they would accomplish each using the website, google search, and an AI assistant. We will discuss the insights from the research, describe the opportunities and dangers of using AI technology, and provide recommendations and takeaways for how industry leaders can adjust to maximize the experience of your prospective students.

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