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2023 Presentations

NOTE: We have posted session presentations from speakers who have released them to be shared.

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

10 am - 11:30 am


Complimentary Workshops

The Power of Asking Why: Effectively Challenging the Status Quo

Megan Korns Russell - Executive Director, External Relations, Neeley School of Business, Texas Christian University

Top UX Mistakes: Optimizing Websites through Testing, Implementation, & Research

Taylor Precure, Manager, UX & CRO, and Jesse Homan, Senior Solutions Architect, Education Dynamics

Building a Robust Digital Marketing Plan for Limited Budgets

Cassandra Razzi and Wesley Rupar, Senior Industry Partners, Orange142 

1:15 - 2:15 pm


The Changing Role of the Chief Marketing Officer

Jason Simon - CEO, Simpson Scarborough 

2:45 - 4 pm

Keynote / Panel Discussion: The Changing Role of Marketing and Communications

  • Jessica DePaul, Director for Recruitment Marketing, Global Marketing, NJIT

  • Richie Hunter, Vice President of Communications, University of Michigan

  • Kris Hardy, Director of Web and Digital Marketing, Messiah University

  • Allison Turcio, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing, Siena College

  • Raman Bhalla, Assistant Vice President, University Web Services, Rochester Institute of Technology

  • Kelly Kautz, Lead UX Strategist, ​Paskill

  • Fredrick Martin, Senior Director, Change Management, University of Virginia

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

8:30 - 9:30 am

9:45 - 10:45 am

Track Presentations & Post-Session Roundtables

Marketing, Branding & Communications:

Weaving the Threads: Building Social Strategies that Succeed Across Platforms

Erica Colaianne, Interim Director for Social Media and Public Engagement. University of Michigan

Web & Digital Experience:

Web Accessibility for Universities: Creating an Inclusive and Enhanced Digital Environment

Raman Bhalla - Assistant Vice President, University Web Services, Rochester Institute of Technology

Enrollment Marketing:

Admissions, Financial Aid and Marketing: A One Team Approach

Ned Jones - Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing; Kathleen Fenlon - Director of Financial Aid; Allison Turcio - Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Marketing; Sienna College

Innovation & Leadership:

Unlocking the Path to Progress: Empowering Higher Education Institutions with Meaningful Organizational Change

Fredrick Martin - Senior Director, Change Management; University of Virginia


Unlocking the Power of Conversation Analytics to Boost Your Enrollment Strategy 

Jason Smith, Senior Industry Expert,

11 am - Noon

Track Presentations & Post-Session Roundtables

Marketing, Branding & Communications:

Clarify Your Marketing Message With StoryBrand to Increase Enrollment & Community Engagement 

Jonny Holsten, Messaging Strategist & StoryBrand Guide, South Mountain Messaging 

Web & Digital Experience:

Easier than Herding Ducks: Unifying Digital Experience

Zack Barnett - Assistant Vice President, Digital Strategy & Communications; Jason Huebsch - Director of Web Development; Rachael Nelson - Assistant Director of Digital Communications; University of Oregon

Enrollment Marketing:

The Enrollment Cliff: How We Start Preparing

Carrie Phillips - Chief Communications and Marketing Officer; University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Innovation & Leadership:

Innovation and Strategies for Technology-driven Wellness and Mental Health Management

Kader Sakkaria, CEO, Uplift Array

Jack Brzezinski, Ph.D., AI and Analytics, Uplift Array


Unleashing the Power of Digital Marketing Analytics: Advanced Tools and Techniques from Digital Marketing Analytics

Kris Hardy - Director of Web and Digital Marketing, Messiah University

12:30 - 1:45 pm

Lunch & Keynote:

The Comeback at Purdue Global:
How Purdue University Repositioned its Online University for Working Adults

Kati Pratt, Executive Director of Brand and Marketing Strategy, Purdue University, and Bill Faust, Managing Partner, Ologie

2:15 - 3:15 pm

Track Presentations & Post-Session Roundtables

Marketing, Branding & Communications:

Launching a Brand Remotely and Making it Stick

Matt Bennett - Vice President and Chief Communications Officer, American University

Web & Digital Experience:

Does Your Website Work for First-Generation College Students?

Kelly Kautz - Lead UX Strategist, Paskill

Enrollment Marketing:

Thinking Differently: How to Market to Spanish-Speaking Audiences

Cristina Craig - Director of Marketing; NJIT

Innovation & Leadership:

Breaking the Leadership Mold

Tony Proudfoot - Vice President Marketing and Strategic Communications, Western Michigan University


Let Data Lead the Way - Simple Strategies for Combatting Opinions with Confidence

Lyndsey Hicks - Web and Digital Media Strategist, Enrollment Marketing and Enrollment Management; Rochester Institute of Technology

3:45 - 4:45 pm

Track Presentations & Post-Session Roundtables

Marketing, Branding & Communications:

Benchmarking Digital Marketing in Higher Ed 2023

Jaime Oleksik, VP of Business Development, Carnegie

Web & Digital Experience:

Why College Websites Aren't Working for Gen Z

Abby Zimmerman, Digital Strategist, Ologie

Enrollment Marketing:

Reaching the Next Generation of Students on the World's Hottest Platform

Cam Ferguson, Brand Partnerships Manager, and Anastasia Jones, Brand Development Manager, TikTok

Innovation & Leadership:

How to Become the Leader You Want to Follow

Alonda Thomas - Associate Vice President for University Communications, Jackson State University


Programmatic Advertising Analytics and The Impact on Student Recruitment

Brian Lahey, Vice President of Clients Solutions, Genius Monkey

Thursday, July 20, 2023

8:30 - 9:30 am

Track Presentations & Post-Session Roundtables

Marketing, Branding & Communications:

Presentation canceled

Web & Digital Experience:

Making it Work: Developing a Successful Enterprise Web Strategy

Kweli ZukeriDirector of User Experience and Web Strategy; Howard University

Enrollment Marketing:

Fine-tune Web Design to Boost Attentional, Usability, and Task Completion using Neurodesign

Andrés Zapata, Founder, idfive

Innovation & Leadership:

Game Changers: How Hosting National Teams during the World Cup Propelled Qatar University to Global Prominence

Mrs. Shaikha Al-Emadi, Head of marketing and Dr. Hitmi Al-Hitmi, Director of Communications and Public Relations, Qatar University


Unlocking the Potential of GA4: Next Steps and Strategies

Kris Hardy - Director of Web and Digital Marketing, Messiah University

10 - 10:45 am

Beyond the Summit: Next Steps

Presenters: Program Chair and Track Experts

  • Marketing, Branding & Communications

  • Web & Digital Experience

  • Enrollment Marketing

  • Leadership & Innovation

  • Analytics

11:15 am - 12:15 pm


How AI Will Transform the Web & Digital Experience for Your Prospects

Alex Ahlstrom - Associate Director, Data Products and Tim Meyer - UX Designer; Simpson Scarborough

Program Schedule Subject to Change Without Notice 

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