Challenge Track Summaries

Addressing the digital equity divide should be the top priority for our DEI efforts

Representation can’t be felt if people don’t have the tools, bandwidth, or ability to find it. What is the point of spending hours picking photos of diverse groups if the mobile experience doesn’t translate to low bandwidth internet or older phones without data plans? As marketers we do our best to create experiences that are accessible, but in reality most are still too complex to navigate and create a deep sense of "unwelcomeness".


Fernando Bergas-Coria, Executive Director, Digital & Media, Ologie


Team Healing and Wellness

We are all finding our way through unprecedented challenges in every corner of our lives. This track will focus on the importance of caring for our teams and ourselves and provide several approaches and modalities to use on your campus.


Jenny Petty, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, University of Montana

Josie Ahlquist, Digital Leadership and Engagement Consultant



When problems are real, the stakes are high, and time is short you need to innovate effectively. Sound familiar? Higher education is ripe for disruption. There is no lack of great ideas on our campuses, but unfortunately process failings and lack of discipline can lead to failure. This session will survey the 10 Types of Innovation and leave attendees with a proven framework that can be implemented within teams or institution-wide to speed up the innovation process, yield stronger results, and create better value for our audiences. 


Mallory Willsea

Executive Vice President of Strategy and Operations, PlatformQ Education


Web Strategy

Why do colleges and universities have websites? Who is your website intended to support? Lead generation, brand impression, informing audiences – purpose is at the center of every web strategy. This session will explore how you can define and leverage purpose to inform web governance development, content strategy, lead generation, and more.


Joshua Charles,Director of Web Strategy & Technology, Rutgers Business School

Georgy Cohen, Director of Digital Strategy, OHO Interactive


Make the Move: GA4 Implementation Strategies

Google Analytics 4 represents a major paradigm shift in how we measure the success of our websites and marketing campaigns. This session will walk you through exactly what’s changed, how measurement and user-centric privacy concerns can peacefully coexist, and how GA4 can easily plug into your other dashboards and reporting tools. We’ll also provide a framework for how to approach a migration to GA4 from Universal Analytics.


Joshua Charles,Director of Web Strategy & Technology, Rutgers Business School

Lee Goldberg, President, Marketing & Strategy, Happy Cog


Brand or Enrollment? 

What are the connections and differences between marketing and recruitment in higher education? How can these teams collaborate effectively and meet goals?


Kin Sejpal, Associate Vice President Marketing Strategy and Creative Services, Rochester Institute of Technology


Lead Generation

Lee Goldberg, President, Marketing & Strategy, Happy Cog