Workshops & Keynotes

Tuesday, July 26


Workshop #1: 9 am-10:30 am

How Your Content Can Strengthen Democracy This Election Season

Jenna Spinelle, Communications Specialist, Penn State University

Does the thought of another election season make you cringe? You’re not alone. American politics is more polarized than ever and higher ed can’t help but get caught up in it. However, that doesn’t mean you need to stop talking about the election in your content strategy. In fact, it’s perhaps never been more important to do just the opposite. This workshop will show you why it’s important to lean into democratic values and how you can work with partners on and off campus to create content that promotes voting and civic engagement in a nonpartisan, uplifting way. We’ll cover high-level framing, nitty-gritty messaging, and resources to help with both.

Workshop #2: 9 am-10:30 am

Visit Singularity: Bridging the Gap Between the Virtual and On-Campus Visit Experience

Jeff Kallay, SVP of Enrollment Consulting and Jarrett Smith, SVP of Strategy & Partner, EchoDelta

The pandemic, Gen X parents, and their Gen Z students have altered the campus visit. They view on-campus and virtual visits as one singular brand experience with high and specific expectations for both. In this workshop, we’ll bring you up to speed on the current state of the campus visit and explain the critical differences between today’s prospective families and those of years past. Then, we’ll explore the art and science of crafting a standout campus visit. Attendees will walk away with a strong grounding in how to reach today’s prospective families, and actionable steps to unify virtual and in-person visits into one cohesive brand experience.

Workshop #3: 9 am - 10:00 am

Preparing Live Chat for Your Organization



Tuesday, July 26

All Hands/Keynote: 12:45 - 1:45 pm

Finding Your Anchor: Tools for weary yet hopeful Higher Ed Marcom Leaders

Dr. Josie Ahlquist, Digital Engagement & Leadership Consultant,

Within one week, as a higher ed marketing and communications leader in higher education, you may experience multiple rocky terrains. Peaks, valleys, summits, and or maybe even a rock bottom. These ups and downs may leave you feeling weary, yet still hopeful for what comes next. So, where do we go from here? And what if you didn’t have to take on this path alone? With joy and excitement, this keynote will kick off the first in-person eduWeb conference since 2019 - and such will call us collectively into community to be seen, heard, and supported. This keynote aims to equip and empower you with an anchor that can ground you, no matter the challenges you face.

Wednesday, July 27


All Hands/Keynote: 8:30 - 9:30 am 

Outside-In Strategies for Your Website: It's All About the User

Nick DeNardis, Senior Director of Digital Communications, Wayne State University


The curse of knowledge is real and we can’t avoid it. As soon as you work on a piece of communication you can no longer experience it from the perspective of a first-time visitor.


We’ll explore three strategies you can employ on digital content. The first will help identify the signal from the noise. In the second, we’ll consume the content using a different medium. And finally, we’ll work to validate our assumptions with real users.


With these strategies, you’ll learn to re-see your website with new eyes again. Bring a site you have some familiarity with, you’ll slow down and pay attention to the details you often overlook.

Thursday, July 28

Faculty Panel Discussion: 8:30 - 9:30 am 

Campus Leader and/or Campus Partner: Exploring Career Pathways and Opportunities to Improve Vendor Relationships

Matt Herzberger, Purdue University

This panel discussion will feature members of the eduWeb Summit Faculty who have served in both campus leadership and vendor/partner roles. Matt Herzberger, will facilitate the discussion guided by his own path which includes roles on campus and with leading higher education consulting and marketing companies. The panel will also offer suggestions on ways to get the most from external partnerships.