Presentation Descriptions

Tuesday, July 26

Workshops: 9 am 10:30 am

Workshop 1:

How Your Content Can Strengthen Democracy This Election Season -- Jenna Spinelle, Communications Specialist, Penn State University

Does the thought of another election season make you cringe? You’re not alone. American politics is more polarized than ever and higher ed can’t help but get caught up in it. However, that doesn’t mean you need to stop talking about the election in your content strategy. In fact, it’s perhaps never been more important to do just the opposite. This workshop will show you why it’s important to lean into democratic values and how you can work with partners on and off campus to create content that promotes voting and civic engagement in a nonpartisan, uplifting way. We’ll cover high-level framing, nitty-gritty messaging, and resources to help with both.

Workshop 2: TBA

Workshop 3: TBA