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Never take a message when the Universe calls you collect: Following your path even when other people think it’s the worst idea ever.

Julie L. Sheldon, Marketing and Communication Specialist, Graduate Education, University of Wyoming

Presentation Description:  In 2017, I left what most people would see from the outside as an idyllic situation. It looked great: Nice home. Strong education. Professional job. Pets. Vacations. Friends. Even a few bucks in the bank. But, what most people didn’t realize was that my idyllic life looked much different from the one that I was living in. In this presentation, I will share the story of how I went from trying to ignore a small ember of an idea burning in the back of my mind to the giant explosion of  learning my self-worth and starting to walk the path that felt right – even when most people thought it was the worst idea. I guess you could say - this is the story of how I rebranded myself.

Mastering Redesign Discovery By Watching True Crime

Mandee Englert, Solutions Consultant, FFW Agency (formerly Director of Digital Strategy, Penn State University)

Presentation Description: Protect yourself from unpredictable results in your next website redesign and feel confident that you've solved what isn't working for your users by taking a data-informed approach and focusing on what your users need. This presentation will provide an overview of how to find hidden insights about your users in your data. 

Integrate Digitally to Maximize Your Direct Mail Campaigns

Richard McNamara, Vice President, Safeguard

Presentation Description: The success of Direct Mail campaigns is now perfected and powered by The Web “DM 2.0 from Safeguard” is an omnichannel suite of technologies that allows you to turn a single direct mail piece into multiple impressions of the same display to the same audience over integrated digital platforms. Our TED-style talk will introduce you to this powerful new marketing solution to enhance a conventional mail approach.

Is This Fine? Higher Ed's Massive Marketing Retention Problem

Steve App, AVP Marketing & Business Development, SimpsonScarborough

Presentation Description: Higher education has faced a dizzying number of challenges in the past two years. Questions about affordability, accessibility, free speech, and Title IX, to name a few. Not to mention a global pandemic. Now, a new problem emerges. At the same time that society finds itself questioning the value of higher education like never before, new research from SimpsonScarborough shows that more than half of higher education communicators and marketers--the professionals chiefly responsible for communicating that value--are considering leaving the industry. Join Simpson Scarborough's Steve App in this session as he walks you through new data that shows how the Great Resignation is playing out in higher ed marketing. You'll learn what is driving marketers at different seniority levels out of the industry and why salary levels explain only part of this potential exodus. You'll also get a preview of other insights from this not-yet-released report. 

Tom Cherrey

Ineke Caycedo

I Name that Brand—the Game Show

Tom Cherrey  CoFounder, BrandTruth

Ineke Caycedo  Brand Strategist, BrandTruth


Presentation Description: In today's crowded marketplace, connecting with student prospects is key to meeting your enrollment goals. Standing out is no longer enough. Today's prospects want, even expect, to connect emotionally with the college they choose to attend. For many, that connection is made when they visit campus. What if you can make that connection when they first start to look at colleges? You'd be way ahead of the crowd!  The secret to creating that connection is by defining an authentic brand persona with which student prospects can relate. Sound impossible or expensive? With modern technology and years of proven personality science, the art and science of creating a brand personality are now possible for all. Come and play Play 'Name That Brand' on Wednesday, July 27 during the 'Give me a Minute' sessions from 2:00-3:00 pm. See if you can identify the brand personalities of some of the most well-known brands in the world. Learn the secret to how they connect with audiences and how you can do the same.  The winner gets a prize!

Jeff Dillon

Chad Durr

Inside the Minds of IT: How to Start a Digital Transformation 

Chad Durr, Development Manager, Squiz

Jeff Dillon, IT Director, Squiz


Presentation Description:  Learn how IT Leaders and Marketers in higher education work together to form a digital-first approach to ensure long-term student success. We'll discuss what it takes to kickstart a digital transformation and how to overcome common data challenges at universities. 

Allison Lanier 

Taylor Poole

How to Stand Out In a Sea of Sameness
Allison Lanier, Senior Account Executive, Up&Up 

Taylor Poole, Account Executive, Up&Up

Presentation Description: The holy grail of branding is differentiation–to actually be different and stand out above the crowd. How does a college or university standout, truly standout, when most look, talk, and act the same? The good news is that attaining true differentiation for your school may be more realistic than you think. In this presentation, Up&Up will reveal several tips on how to stand out. We will also cover the secrect to differentation–that the only thing you really need to make your school stand out–is you.

Ben Shoemaker

Murray Simpson

Bringing teams together: Leveraging technology to create a seamless work environment between Marketing and Admissions

Murray Simpson, Chief Growth Officer, Net Natives

Ben Shoemaker, Senior Director, Enrollment & Marketing, Net Natives


Presentation Description: Every university dreams of that perfect work environment. An environment where recruitment campaigns are tracked centrally, and marketing and admissions teams work together seamlessly in a collaborative environment where everyone is aware of their shared enrollment goals and responsibilities. What does your team’s current workflow look like? Is your funnel data fragmented across different platforms and departments throughout your institution? Are you bouncing from project queue to project queue, while trying to track your progress using a variety of programs, spreadsheets, or dashboards?

Well here’s the good news. There is a solution to address these challenges that improves enrollment attribution, while encouraging university-wide collaboration!

Join Net Natives as we explore how to leverage technology to remove the blind spots in your pipeline, while optimizing your enrollment strategy towards the channels that are generating the most applications, allowing you to maximize your marketing budget and achieve your enrollment targets.

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