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Attendee Advisory Board Information

2024/2025 eduWeb Summit Attendee Advisory Board 

The eduWeb Summit Attendee Advisory Board comprises higher education's most credible and distinguished leaders in various areas. The Board counsels the eduWeb Committee on the strategic direction for the conference program, speaker recommendations, and content themes and provides insight into the higher education community.

The purpose of the eduWeb Summit Attendee Advisory Board is to foster communication between the conference organizers, program committee, the organizing committee, and its exhibiting and sponsoring companies, specifically to:

  • Board members suggest possible methods to increase the number and quality of attendees, improve marketing

    and outreach, and create a better experience for attendees.

  • Recommend speakers and keynote presenters, track topics, and other program-related items. 

  • Identify and suggest industry partners that align with the conference's theme and goals.

  • Advise on best practices for attendee engagement and experience.

  • Recommend innovative ways to integrate the overall conference agenda for maximum attendee interaction.

  • Provide recommendations on future city locations. 

  • Identify additional information helpful to attendees.

  • Provide a forum for attendee feedback.

    • Feedback will also be evaluated and combined with a general post-show survey of attendees. Please note that the board’s recommendations are highly valued but advisory in nature. 

  • Serve as an ambassador and promoter of the event. 

eduWeb strives to create a diverse roster representing roles, titles, and seniority from various institutions of all types and sizes.  Board members may serve up to a two-year term, with a minimum commitment of one year.

The board meets quarterly (via Zoom) to discuss various topics and provide feedback to eduWeb on important decisions. 

This is a non-compensated role. Ideally, board members must be in good standing and attend the annual event. Members must be employed by a higher education institution at the time of the event.


  • Your 2024 & 2025 Complimentary Registration

  • One 2025 Complimentary Registration to offer a colleague at your institution or another higher education institution.

All other expenses related to this board position are the sole responsibility of the institution/organization or applicant.

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