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Dr. Joe


VP Industry Engagement, Ellucian

formerly Senior Vice President and Chief Experience Officer, Lindenwood University

Dr. Joe Sallustio is Senior Vice President and Chief Experience Officer at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, MO. As CXO, Joe oversees the operations for all student facing units including marketing, online and residential enrollment, student financial services, advising, retention, food service, student affairs and more. Joe has over two decades of experience in higher education operating institutions with for-profit and nonprofit business models. Specifically, his expertise in marketing, enrollment, and mergers and acquisitions within higher education has driven the success of the institutions in which he has served. Joe is also co-founder and host of America’s leading higher-education podcast, The EdUp Experience Podcast, which interviews higher education’s brightest and most influential leaders from across the globe. Joe’s combination of influence and experience has made him a sought-after keynote speaker, moderator, and facilitator. He’s also co-author of Commencement: The Beginning of a New Era in Higher Education, which is a best-seller for higher education and is in the hands of thousands of staff and faculty across the world. He holds a doctoral degree from National University, a graduate degree from Regis University, and an undergraduate degree from SUNY Oneonta.

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