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eduWeb Summit
July 18-20, 2023
Washington, DC

So, why eduWeb Summit?

We completely revamped our program approach, and our outstanding survey results show why we continue to be listed as one of high education’s top 10 marketing conferences.

5 reasons why YOU should attend eduWeb:


Relevance & ROI — ​to your career and your institution. Higher education is at a crossroads and the program is designed around you and your challenges. 

Value — free workshops, team discounts and affordable rates.

Collaboration — eduWeb is in-person for a reason. Its size and event design is created to maximize your ability to listen, unpack, and engage with your peers and industry leaders.

Action Over Theory — conferences typically just cram in sessions and call it value. We purposely built a program to move from theoretical to action.

Location — a world-class city to not only learn but connect with alumni, donors, prospective students and more. 

“What challenges are you or your team trying to solve?”

Share them now to make our 2023 event all about YOU.


Allison Turcio
Assistant Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing

Siena College


Raman Bhalla
Assistant Vice President
University Web Services
Marketing and Communications
Rochester Institute of Technology

Our track experts will chart a course for each of the challenges we're taking on and engage each attendee along the way. 

jdepaul (1).png

Jessica L DePaul
Director for Recruitment Marketing 
Global Marketing - NJIT

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