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Presenter Guidelines

Audiovisual Equipment


Please note that the eduWeb Summit does not provide computers for presentations. You must provide your tablet/laptop (fully charged), any adapters needed, and any other equipment (power cords, laser pointers, etc.) you may wish to use during your presentation.


The following audiovisual equipment will be available during your presentation:

Standard equipment set in each room —

  • LCD computer projector

  • Screen

  • Microphone

  • Wi-fi Internet connection


NOTE: The eduWeb Summit makes every effort to provide Wi-Fi for its speakers and audience.  However, eduWeb recommends that presenters be prepared for an offline presentation besides accessing the Internet.

Company Speakers

If you are presenting from any company, please note the following regulations:

  • Presentations must be free of any sales or promotional pitch.

  • No banners, displays, or other promotional materials may be displayed or distributed before, during, or after the session. 

  • Speakers may not solicit attendees via any form of communication less specifically requested by the attendee. 

  • Please meet these requirements to avoid dismissal from the eduWeb Summit and future events.

At the Conference


When you arrive, check in to the registration area for a name badge. All presenters must be registered to present. 


Your Presentation
Please arrive in your scheduled meeting room 5-10 minutes before your presentation. Familiarize yourself with the room set-up, audiovisual equipment, location of lights, and speaker area.


Sessions are 60 minutes long, which break down into a 30-minute presentation and a 30-minute roundtable, “unpacking” your presentation among the attendees.


Workshops are 1.5 hours long; the speaker should determine breaks and Q&A.


If floor microphones are unavailable during your presentation. As you take questions from the audience, repeat the questions asked into your microphone. Generally, you should position yourself at the podium with the microphone.


Photograph & Video Content Ownership
eduWeb will use photographs and videos taken during events to promote the conference and future events. By presenting an educational session, you provide eduWeb with the unrestricted right to use photographs and videos at its discretion.


Copyright Issues
If you are using materials in your presentation (pictures, charts, graphs, video, etc.) that are not original work, remember to cite the source. If you are drawing heavily on another source, you must seek permission from the original source to use the material.



Get the Word Out

  • Follow the 2023 eduWeb Conference on Twitter

  • Post using the hashtag #eduweb23


  • Follow the conversation on the official eduWeb Summit Facebook page and post about your session.

  • To post, you’ll have to “Like” the page if you haven’t already.


  • Follow the 2023 eduWeb Summit on Instagram

  • Post using the hashtag #eduweb23.

Thank you!

The eduWeb staff and leadership greatly appreciate your taking the time to help make the 2023 eduWeb Summit a huge success. Your knowledge and your willingness to share it are hugely beneficial to all attendees. If there is anything eduWeb can do to help you, please do not hesitate to contact eduWeb staff anytime.

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