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Beyond the Summit

We are looking for a handful of 2022 eduWeb Summit attendees to serve as Guides to support our Beyond the Summit program.

Beyond the Summit is intended to take the conversations and community developed within each Challenge Track forward after the Summit event concludes. We’ll give you access to Slack channels, a LinkedIn group, and the Conduit platform to continue sharing resources and provide space for attendees to talk about how they’ve implemented ideas on their campuses. 

This is a new approach and so we’re looking for people who are open to engagement and willing to help us create a path between what happens during the 2022 Summit to the 2023 event. Our goals are to sustain and even build on connections we make in Philly and begin exploring new topics and approaches for future Summits.

We’ll have more details on expectations and perks for folks who are interested in becoming a guide at the 2022 eduWeb Summit.

Questions or ideas to add to the mix? Email

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