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Ologie is a branding and marketing agency. We focus on clients who advance the greater good in education, health care, arts, and culture. We're a team of strategic thinkers, creative problem solvers, and bold storytellers. For over three decades, we’ve been working with purpose-driven organizations to tell their stories, engage their audiences, and achieve tangible results. We do this by crafting experiences in digital, video, print, and other media.

2022 Faculty Member: Fernando Bergas-Coria, Executive Director of Digital and Media

Exhibiting Space: 5

OHO Interactive helps ambitious, forward-looking marketers maximize their investments in digital to elevate their school’s prestige and recruit the students they need. We are a distributed digital marketing agency with over 20 years of experience delivering award-winning digital marketing, content strategy, design, and web development solutions.

2022 Faculty Member: Georgy Cohen, Director of Digital Strategy

Exhibiting Space: 3

Safeguard by Innovative, a division of Deluxe Corp. offers leading technologies with web-based & supported tools for the Academic Community targeting advancement, development, and enrollment. Safeguard works with many Tier 1 & 2 Diversity Suppliers and is committed to environmentally responsible business practices and the use of sustainable products. 

Safeguard offers the power of one resource for technology-based communications and marketing solutions including print & promotional design, branding and management; direct mail; fulfillment; warehousing; and distribution.

Exhibiting Space: 4

Happy Cog has been in the digital design and marketing business since the nascent days of the web. Our service offerings remain core to our mission—designed to make your content sing through well-informed content strategy, research-backed design, forward-thinking development that excludes no one, and strategic digital marketing services.


Happy Cog has successfully achieved countless top organic and paid search engine rankings for many clients over the years, with a wealth of success in the higher education sector. We offer proven Digital Marketing strategies that drive qualified traffic and generate on-site conversions from your website. We also offer a level of marketing knowledge and technical ability that is beyond most other firms.

2022 Faculty Member: Lee Goldberg, President, Marketing & Strategy

SimpsonScarborough is a full-service research, branding, and marketing agency, and higher education’s premier data-driven partner.


As champions and stewards of colleges and universities, we provide higher ed brands the confidence of rigorous and comprehensive research – the cornerstone of our work – informed strategy, inspired creative, and human-centered digital. The trusting relationships we’ve formed and the campuses and communities we’ve brought tougher are among our most valuable assets. 


Most of all, we’re proud, professional students – curious by nature and compassionate by choice, constantly putting in the hard and smart work to shape the industry we love and the brands that shape our world.

Define your brand on your own terms with our revolutionary software. BrandTruth® is the first scientifically validated online tool that determines institutional personality using the input of all your stakeholders and the strategic focus of leadership. 


An authentic brand persona—attitude, voice, tone, color palette, image style—is the key to market differentiation. Next level your brand!

Exhibiting Space: 1

Campus 360 is a digital media and marketing agency dedicated to providing educational institutions with the VR and AR products that will bring your campus and student experiences to life. As the leading VR company for universities — and the only provider of AR services — we are uniquely positioned to help you navigate the intersection of XR technology, educational multimedia, and international marketing.

Up&Up is a higher ed marketing agency that's committed to helping institutions exceed their goals through brand strategy, storytelling, and marketing. We believe connecting the right student to the right school not only provides a perfect college experience, it makes them fans for life.

Exhibiting Space: 9

Pantheon is the WebOps platform where marketers and developers drive results. Every day, web teams leverage Pantheon to create, iterate, and launch WordPress and Drupal sites. Organizations including IBM, Clorox, and the ACLU are able to publish quickly and reach billions globally with collaborative workflows and unlimited scalability. Pantheon offers a global CDN, multi-site management, and award-winning customer support — we power over 300,000 sites and serve ⅓ of the world’s browsing population. With unrivaled speed and unlimited uptime, web teams can deliver unique user experiences that immediately advance business goals. Learn more at

Exhibiting Space: 10

Echo Delta is a full-service agency on a mission to help colleges and universities transform their enrollment and marketing efforts using best practices from both higher education and the corporate world. Our award-winning team of marketing strategists, creatives, developers, and enrollment consultants is committed to working side by side with your team to find innovative, unexpected, and, above all, effective ways to share your school’s distinctive story.​

2022 Faculty Member: Jeff Kallay, SVP of Enrollment Consulting

Exhibiting Space: 13

For more than 20 years, Squiz has empowered complex, service-driven organizations to harness the power of digital, improve the services they offer, and thrive in a world of uncertainty, transformation, and change. We help customers shift from managing content to creating and orchestrating experiences across digital channels.

Exhibiting Space: 17

As the industry leader in video-powered student recruitment and yield, PlatformQ Education’s products and services enable institutions to connect with prospective students, families, and key influencers, gain valuable insights into these audiences’ needs and leverage those insights to improve recruitment and conversion.

2022 Faculty Member:

Mallory Willsea, Executive Vice President of Strategy and Operations

Exhibiting Space: 12

Olark makes the simplest and most accessible way to connect with students when they need you most. With a robust website chat platform that’s easy to launch, easy to use, and easy to love, Olark has spent 13 years perfecting tools that help teams reach their goals through timely messaging and support. Today, over 12,000 organizations choose Olark to help them boost sales, deliver world-class support, and engage their most important and motivated users.

Many of Olark’s happiest and most engaged customers are higher education institutions, ranging from local trade schools up to multi-campus university systems who have ambitious student enrollment and retention goals.

Higher ed clients love Olark’s flexible chatbots and automation tools, commitment to accessibility, and a first-of-its-kind Slate integration. Most of all, schools work with Olark as strategic partners who expand their technical teams and create chat solutions that support their institution’s specific needs.

Learn more about how higher ed marketers are hitting their enrollment targets with Olark at

Ice Cream Social Sponsor

World-Class Scalable Digital Experiences Made Here. 

FFW is the industry leader in defining and building solutions to the challenges that come with digital scale for leading higher education institutions. We are a global team of 625+ inspired people collaborating across 17 time zones, together aligned in purpose to create powerful digital experiences for leaders of higher education like Stanford, Princeton, and Rice, as well as many of the world’s most notable brands such as Panasonic, NBC Sports, and Pfizer. 
Over 90% of our clients work with us year-over-year, which speaks to the strength of our relationships and their trust in our expertise. We are a true ally to our clients, together forming an unstoppable team, redefining success, and driving results anchored by a strategic digital experience practice with design, development, and delivery of digital platforms.
We are passionate about empowering our clients to harness the full opportunity of digital to create best-in-class experiences for our clients and those they serve. We judge our success only by the impact our collective hard work provides our clients.

Exhibiting Space: 11

DD Agency provides higher education marketing services for schools of all sizes. We specialize in inbound enrollment marketing and offer a wide range of services including creative brand messaging, SEO research, content strategy and creation, event marketing, paid advertising, and advanced marketing automation. We help institutions produce engaging content that is highly relevant to prospective students at all stages of the student journey, and we provide the most in-depth campaign tracking available in the industry. Our clients are able to make smarter, data-driven decisions for student recruitment and strategic enrollment marketing that actually cost schools less to produce better results. Learn more about how we help Davids beat Goliaths at

Exhibiting Space: 16

Think student. Connected and curious. Change is all around us. New platforms are born, adopted and lost in the same year. We embrace change so that our initial goals stay the same, to focus on accountable marketing whilst concentrating on platforms where the student audience spends their time. We want to work with you, not for you. You can expect this from Natives from the moment we work together. First-rate strategy, honest advice and a service that you can rely on. We want and have always wanted to do work that we can be proud of. To make a measurable difference. To make an impact.


Let’s do this:

Exhibiting Space: 2

Carnegie is the future of higher education marketing and enrollment strategy, and has been since 1985. We connect colleges with students through the power of human connection by measuring and then marketing to a student's unique behaviors and motivators. This leads to action, enrollment, retention, and lasting affinity.

Exhibiting Space: 8

FullThrottle Technologies is a leading AdTech SaaS company with cookieless, patent-pending technology powering its products. It offers several solutions for brands, agencies, publishers, and media companies, providing first-party data collection in a fast-approaching future without third-party cookies. FullThrottle has the unique ability to take programmatic, cookie audiences and transform them into household audiences. FullThrottle is completely privacy-compliant, making it truly future-proof technology. 


Higher education spends a lot of money on marketing and advertising. Yet, enrollments are at an all-time low and fewer people are taking the SAT and ACT, which means less targeting information for colleges and universities. On top of this, cookie deprecation will have an impact on higher education marketing. Retargeting with programmatic audiences will shift as Google sunsets support for third-party cookies and data privacy legislation becomes stricter. 


The key to staying ahead of the curve? 


First-party data and creating a dynamic, data-driven marketing plan. These are a MUST for any college or university looking to keep up with the competition. FullThrottle’s ShopperSuite is the cookieless technology to help higher education institutions gain higher ROI and ROAS. 


ShopperSuite can help you identify key markets and determine who your audience is. It shows you which campaigns are working, and more importantly, which aren’t! Don’t waste your ad budget on meaningless efforts. Our Immersive Household advertising ensures you reach the entire household. It is equally important to market to the parents, as it is the students.

Exhibiting Space: 7

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